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Where can I find a Solana Beach children’s dentist?

According to the most recent research, dental decay ranks number one as the most chronic disease affecting children. At Great Smiles Pediatric and Orthodontics, we provide the specialized pedodontic care your kids need to establish and maintain healthy smiles. By making visits to our office as welcoming, comfortable and engaging as possible, we take special care to teach your kids the fundamental practices for securing a lifetime of excellent oral health. As your Solana Beach children’s dentist, our comprehensive dental services include the essentials in routine preventive care, as well as the state-of-the-art in emergency and orthodontic treatment.

Solana Beach children’s dentist

Just how is it that dental decay is so common among kids? The process of dental decay begins with the natural formation of dental plaque in the mouth. Dental plaque is home to colonies of harmful bacteria that thrive off of the sugars in our diet. Now it’s no secret that kids like candy and sweets. As we consume sugary foods, or beverages, these bacteria release acids to digest their share. These acids are harmful, capable of eroding the enamel of the teeth—causing dental decay, and eventually, cavities. As your Solana Beach children’s dentist, we provide the professional oversight, instruction, and personalized services necessary to keep your children’s smiles healthy and happy. Beyond the encouraging instruction in proper brushing, flossing, and nutritional guidance we provide, we also periodically apply topical fluoride to the teeth, as well as place dental sealants on the permanent back molars to help lower the risk for dental decay. Because the back molars have deep ridges, they become a safe haven for plaque buildup, food particles, and bacteria, increasing the risk for cavities. Dental sealants are protective coatings which smooth over the deep ridges of these back teeth, to help shield them from decay.

For the essential preventive dental care your kids require, schedule your next visit with our Solana Beach children’s dentist today!

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