Children’s Orthodontist near Solona Beach

Solona Beach Children’s Orthodontist

When it comes to children’s oral health, parents are advised to take an active role toward the prevention of dental disease. It’s important to make sure your child’s teeth are growing and developing in the best possible way. If you’re looking for a children’s orthodontist near Solona Beach worth smiling about, choose Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. Our pediatric and orthodontic specialists offer comprehensive dental care for children at every stage of development. Providing early orthodontic evaluations and treatments, our experienced staff is on hand to ensure your child remains in excellent oral health.

Children’s Orthodontist near Solona Beach

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children receive their first orthodontic evaluation by the time they’re 7 years old. This way, the orthodontist can carefully examine your child’s smile, checking the eruption and alignment of their new teeth. Our orthodontist will also evaluate any issues such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, or improper swallowing or breathing patterns are impacting their occlusion. If any of these habits are present, your children’s orthodontist near Solona Beach will provide detailed guidance as to any treatment that might be needed at the present time or down the road. By taking careful measures early on, the natural alignment of the teeth and jaw development can be optimized. Setting up the best conditions for your child’s developing smile, is the best way to ensure their dental health for a lifetime.

Whether your children’s permanent teeth are just beginning to come in, or you are concerned about the alignment of their teeth even before that time, it is a good idea to schedule a visit with your children’s orthodontist near Solona Beach. The experts at Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry are here to help, providing thorough and attentive orthodontic care to children of all ages. At our state-of-the-art offices, we provide a comprehensive range of treatments to meet all of your children’s dental needs. For more information about our practice, or to schedule an appointment with one of Great Smiles’ excellent specialists, contact us at the number listed below.


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