Pediatric Orthodontist 92075

92075 Pediatric Orthodontist

As a parent, your child’s health is your top priority. This includes making sure that their growth and development progresses, as it should. Along those lines, one of the most common concerns of parents seeking dental care for their children is the alignment of their teeth and jaws. At Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, one of the many services we provide is to advise parents wondering about whether early orthodontic treatments are necessary for their child. That is why visiting your Solana Beach pediatric orthodontist 92075 at Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is an excellent step to take when your child’s permanent teeth begin to come in. Orthodontists are specially trained to examine, monitor and intervene with issues pertaining to your child’s bite, alignment, teeth and jaws. Getting a head start with an early orthodontic examination can be helpful in making the best plan for your child.

Pediatric Orthodontist 92075

When is the best time to bring your child to your pediatric orthodontist 92075? The American Association of Orthodontists encourages parents to bring their children for an orthodontic examination at about seven years old. That’s typically a good age for an orthodontist to assess how your child’s permanent teeth are coming in. In some cases, your orthodontist can intervene early on to make sure that there is enough room for permanent teeth to grow in properly, that the growth and development of the jaws is progressing in an optimal fashion, and assess the development of the underlying permanent teeth. Your pediatric orthodontist 92075 will also check to see if your child has any habits that can negatively affect their bite, such as prolonged finger or thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, or certain swallowing and breathing patterns.

At Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Solana Beach, their pediatric dentists and orthodontists provide exceptional quality care for all of your child’s dental needs. Whether it’s a regular checkup or time to get braces, they provide the latest in treatment options available. For orthodontic treatment, they not only offer traditional braces, but also clear (almost invisible) appliance options, including Invisalign, for eligible patients. If your child is quickly approaching that 7 year mark, or older, please consider scheduling an appointment for an orthodontic checkup with your highly skilled pediatric orthodontist 92075, right here in Solana Beach CA.


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