Solana Beach Children’s Dental Office

Children’s Dental Office in Solana Beach

Did you know that teeth begin to form in your baby’s jaws in utero? The American Dental Association advises parents to bring their children to the dentist by their first birthday to check for and treat any issues early on. If you’re looking for a Solana Beach children’s dental office with experienced dentists, specially trained in pediatrics, then Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is the one to circle on your list. Staffed with professionals with extraordinary backgrounds, your children will be in great hands. Warmly welcoming new patients and their family members at their kid-friendly office in Solana Beach, their caring, experienced office staff loves to work with kids and looks forward to getting to meet yours.

Solana Beach Children’s Dental Office

When it comes to pediatric dental care, your Solana Beach children’s dental office emphasizes a preventive approach. Enthusiastic and encouraging teachers in the art of brushing and flossing, their specialists will show you and your child the best age-appropriate method for maintaining good oral health at home. Depending on the age of your children, periodic fluoride treatments can be administered to help protect teeth at risk for dental decay. During their first visit, a comprehensive oral examination will be performed, as well as a cleaning. Depending on the needs of your children, digital scans may be taken to assist in reviewing their jaw alignment and incoming teeth. By scheduling regular appointments with your pediatric dentist, their monitoring the growth and development of your children can be used to the best advantage, helping to establish and maintain excellent oral health.

Making routine visits to your Solana Beach children’s dental office also means that your children are more likely to form good lifetime habits when it comes to their oral care. With the preventive care program, patients are commonly spared the need for invasive procedures, and the additional expense that comes with them, because dental issues are treated early on, when they’re the easiest to address. If you’re little ones are ready for their first visit, make your appointment today with Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.


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