Where can I find a Dentist in Solana Beach?

If you’re a new parent, you already know the importance of being proactive about your children’s health. When it comes to their oral health, taking your children to an experienced dentist in Solana Beach early on can make all the difference. At Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, their dentists are specialists in pediatric and orthodontic care. Specially trained to work with children at each stage of their young development and address their unique oral healthcare needs, from infancy through adolescence. They’re prepared to help your kids establish and maintain excellent oral health, including regular checkups, emergency care, and orthodontic treatments for their smile.

Dentist in Solana Beach

Once your children’s first teeth have erupted from beneath the gum line, they immediately become vulnerable to dental decay. Because baby’s teeth typically come in within their first year, the ADA encourages parents to bring children in to your pediatric dentist in Solana Beach by their first birthday. Your children’s dentist will show you the best way to help manage your children’s oral hygiene early on, in order to prevent decay. For infants, use of a damp washcloth is typically recommended as opposed to a toothbrush. Although baby teeth do come out later on, keeping them clean and healthy is critical for the development of speech, chewing and biting patterns, as well as maintaining the necessary space for the permanent teeth to come in. With regular visits, your dentist can also keep a close watch on the health of your children’s jaws, teeth and gums, monitoring any prolonged unhealthy habits and correcting them for their good oral health in the years to come.

Your children’s dentist in Solana Beach is extremely knowledgeable and can inform and educate you about things like baby bottle syndrome, which can result in considerable dental decay for your little ones. You can rest assured that you and your children will be in excellent hands with the oversight of the professionals at Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. To schedule an appointment with one of their gentle and compassionate pediatric dentists, call their office at the number below.

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