Where can I get Braces in Solana Beach?

At Great Smiles Pediatric and Orthodontics, we make it possible for every member of your family to brace for the future! As a multi-specialty practice in pediatric and orthodontic dental care, our experts are particularly well-suited to coordinate care for your children from their first visit, all the way up through their adolescent years. Providing the latest treatment options in modern orthodontia, we make the finest quality systems of braces in Solana Beach available to our patients, as well as other advanced options, including Invisalign®[1] aligners. Whether your kids are ready for their initial orthodontic evaluation and, or your teens are in need of care, we pride ourselves in working closely with families to find the most suitable treatment options for our patients’ goals and overall health.

Braces in Solana Beach

By the time our kids reach their early teen years, they are generally in their late mixed- dentition stage. This is when a mix of baby teeth, permanent teeth, and permanent molars are in place. If the need for orthodontic treatment is indicated, we can often utilize your teen’s growth and development to their best advantage. Most of us can remember our teenage years as being a significant time of physical and emotional development. Beyond acquiring the characteristics of a more adult appearance, teenagers are also actively developing a heightened sense of self-awareness, building self-confidence, and investing more in their peer relationships. With a healthy, well-aligned smile, we can help your teens develop a more positive self-image, building their self-esteem. Beyond the esthetic rewards of a well-aligned smile, crooked teeth can predispose teens to a variety of health issues, from the development of dental disease, to headaches, and TMJ. We offer a variety of braces in Solana Beach for your teens, so that they can align their smile in the height of style!

To learn more about our selection of braces in Solana Beach, plan on scheduling a visit to one of our experienced orthodontists. To get started, call our friendly staff today!

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[1] Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.